Monday, 20 November 2017

Simply Mindy 2.3.0 / 2.5.0 Preview / Poll Results

Sorry for lateness, guys. 2.5.0 ran me into some severe overtime. Finally got done with those damned contests, though... more on that below. First!


The newest public build is good for job-lovers, as it's the final job! Huzzah! This one casts Mindy as a geisha in the house of a burly ol' feudal lord with nice pecs. You get the following:

- All eight goddamned season animations - not sure if I've ever managed to do that in a single build before;
- The first chunk of the NPC story associated with the newest guy; and
- The ability to make said newest guy into a lover, along with one animation.

I'm looking forward to finishing this particular story up. It gives not only one of the (in my opinion) neater NPCs lots to do, it also gives Lil D a lot to do. And I do so enjoy writing Lil D. He's such an asshole.

2.5.0 Preview

Y'know that cut scene that you probably all skip over by now that takes you into a wet t-shirt contest? Good news: the cut scene is gone! The wet t-shirt contest is still there, though, and it's accompanied by three more seasonal contests! The new contests in 2.5.0 include:

- An Overheating contest, where Mindy and another contestant try to hold out against the irrepressible heat of rising jizz;
- A Modelling contest, where you pick a costume (like the one above, my personal favourite) and a pose for Mindy and watch her strut about against other competitors for points; and
- A Quiz contest that will test your knowledge of the Sooniverse. Mindy is suspended over a pit of happy tentacles, and the more questions you get wrong, the closer she gets to slimy happy time.

Also, the wet-t contest. It has two more competitors. That is also a thing. Shiny tits, anyone?

Patreon. Right now. You know the scam. Do it up.

Poll Results

Last week's poll was all about anime girls, and the winner was a classic: Bulma, from Dragonball. Thus, she got a buncha animations of herself in different hairstyles, boffing a variety of DB/Z/S alumni.

All the more poignant since her Japanese VA just died.

So... uh...

That's... awkward. Still, spank material?


Friday, 3 November 2017

Simply Mindy 2.2.0 / 2.4.0 Preview / Poll Results

Yo. New build, she is on the way. Your public serving this week:


This build finishes off what I started in 2.1.0, fleshing out the third dungeon and adding a whole bunch more stuff for you to do. This includes:

  • Two more NPC quests (Cherry and Aember) and three quasi-quests, for a grand total of five-ish new things to pursue;
  • Four new bosses, including the final two Beasts (though one of 'em is not in this dungeon, and you'll need to go hunting for her in a previous dungeon, after locating a key that's rather critical to the whole thing); and
  • Five new endings. Three are Beast-related; two are tied to easily the hardest fight in the game thus far. I'll let you see for yourselves. 
It's also worth noting that a) One of the endings grants you the final spell in the game, one that I plan to extend quite a bit in the future; and b) One of the endings has a bonus that seemingly does nothing. It does, in fact, do something, though you need to go lookin' for it.

2.4.0 Preview

'nough said. If you like JizzBiz, you'll like this update. It's alllll about her, including:

  • A branching storyline (so surprising);
  • Four new sleepover animations (though with a bit of a twist, for variety); and
  • Four new endings, one of which is job-specific. You know, because, gloryholes.
JizzBiz was a loooooong time coming. Only $2!

Poll Results

Last week's poll was centred around porn, porn, glorious porn, and the situations that porn oft creates. 'Sex for grades' managed to win by a hair, and as a result last week's $3 bonus tier winner featured a dude and his precious teenaged (but of-age, always of-age) student. 

Since she did so well in a previous poll, I made said student Korra. Because why the hell not. For a tiny $3 you can see just what Korra does to raise that F-, in all its pixel glory! 

Also, you'll get Simply Mindy early! Because... that's how Patreon works, I guess! You know you wanna!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Simply Mindy 2.1.0 / 2.3.0 Preview / Poll Results

What ho. New build has arrived for all you freebie players out there, and, lo and behold, it's the much-anticipated third dungeon. Let's jump into it.


As with the first two dungeons, the third is jam-packed with new stuff - and rightly so, since I put two builds' worth of shiznit into it. You can look forward to the following:

- Six new enemies to fight, each with two sexy animations;
- Three new bosses, mostly done;
- Four new NPC-related quests, tied to either bosses, items, or both; and
- A bunch of empty space to explore. It'll get filled up as I fill out the game.

The monsters mostly made it into the brothel, though there were a few minor malfunctions in the gallery, so the flying dicks (there are flying dicks) aren't there until the next build. No worries, they aren't hard to find. There are also a few other bugs that have been largely (I think) smoothed out since this release, though feel free to comment and I'll see if they're still in the current build or not.

Also included is the elements system, whereby you can apply fire, water, air, or earth to Mindy's weapons and armour. Doesn't work on the armour in this build, but you can see some particle effects for your troubles.

2.2.0 builds onto the dungeon more and adds several endings, so if you enjoy this one you should like that one as well.

2.3.0 Preview

Moving past the dungeon and into storyline territory again, 2.3.0 adds - wait for it - the final job! yaaaaay! Took fuckin' long enough. Players can now enjoy watching Mindy get plowed as a Geisha. There's also a chunk of the NPC storyline added on, and you can make the new guy a lover, per the norm. I rather like how he's shaping up thus far.

Also? All eight Geisha animations are in there already. Done. Finito. Because I care. I care so much. You know you want that shiznit, and plenty more, for a paltry $2.


Polling Results

If you want to donate $3 on Patreon instead, you can also get your hands on the winnings from last week's user poll! It was sexy toon-related, and Kim Possible won. So. If you like sometimes redheads, sometimes brunettes, you know where to go.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Simply Mindy 2.0.5 / 2.2.0 Preview / New Patreon Tier

My god, I'm not writing an update at 7 am. It's only 2:43 am. I'm improving.


This is a biggun, and it was crazy enough that it drove me to require a vacation. The whole danged thing revolves around completing the storylines of two characters: Farmer John, proprietor of the zombie farm, and Seu, the busty girl behind the Cabaresque. You get the following from the build:

- The branching stories of both characters, which fly in all sorta different directions;
- Nine new endings - John gets four, Seu gets three, and each of their jobs gets one;
- A bunch more battles for the two scenarios, which may or may not come up depending on your decisions; aaaaaand
- Fixes. The .5, uh, may have been the result of staying up until, like, 48 hours or so to get the build done. It was not a fun time, let me tell you.

2.2.0 Preview

Soo Cubus players may remember this oily lass. Or not. Did you play on Hard Mode? That thing I still need to fix?

2.2.0 was originally going to be 2.1.5, and I was going to release a smaller 2.2.0, but voters on Patreon convinced me to just do another full build instead. As a result 2.2.0 is another dungeon-centric build:

- Adds two more NPC quests to the third dungeon;
- Adds two more bosses to the third dungeon, as part of those quests;
- Adds the two remaining Beasts to the game, both girly-girls;
- Adds five new endings, three related to the Beasts, and two related to an area I'd blocked off earlier; aaaaand
- Fixes some shit I did wrong in the last build. Not everything, but some.

It's a solid build that adds some confusing shiznit to the cosmology of the Sooniverse. And it can be yours, for a low, low price of $2!

New Patreon Tier

Look familiar? It should! This sprite is one frame of a Patreon-exclusive redo that I threw out as a sample of a new Patreon tier I'm going to fully implement on Monday. It's a $3 tier which will gift donors with a new animation every non-build week. These (likely) won't go into the games, but will instead allow donors to participate in themed polls and vote on what they want to see. One week you might be voting on your favourite classic porno setup, for example, while the next you'll be deciding which Sooniverse character should get banged by Link, Hero of Time. The possibilities aren't endless, but they're legion.

I'll set up the tier now so anyone who wants to get in on it can, and on Monday I'll throw out the first poll for all youse $3 donors. You know you waaaaannaaaaa!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Simply Mindy 1.9.0 / 2.1.0 Preview

Hey guys. A little late, I know, but that's kinda par for me. A little late... but not too late. You might even call it acceptably late. I would, at least.

We'll get into the lateness in a minute. First, your free shiznit.


This instalment was supposed to be another storyline one, involving Cabaresque star Seu, but I lost a shit-ton of progress in the middle of it, got frustrated, and put it off until 2.0.0. Consequently, this one is all about new animations. Quick, easy, and sexy.

You'll find the following new animations in this one:

- Three new sexy sleepover animations for Seu;
- The rest of Aember's schooling animations;
- Six new animations for Arm Candy; and
- Four new Prostitute animations. In other words, lots of Soo-related stuff. And yes, she gets involved once or twice.

That's it? That's it. Doesn't seem like much, but it feels like a lot of work when you're half-watching Netflix for days on end.

2.1.0 Preview

The new Patreon build, by contrast, is hella big. It features:

- The third dungeon, in all its stony glory;
- Six new 'normal' monsters to fight, complete with all their sexy animations;
- Three new bosses, also with sexy sexiness;
- Four new quests; and
- I dunno, what the hell else do you want? It's a dungeon. People love dungeons.

What's more, the dungeon is going to feature a sort of semi-DLC this coming week, as I didn't finish everything I wanted. So the list above is going to grow, including more bosses, two new endings, and a few more quests. Lots to done, not enough time in life to do it.




Such a teensy amount, yeah?

(Just keep in mind I'm still working on the damned thing as of this posting, so if you immediately rush to play... well... just keep in mind I've barely slept the last three days! Yay for testing!)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Dungeon the third.

The third dungeon progresses well, and I figured I'd give y'all a small taste of what's to come. The next build (2.1.0? I think? Off the top of my head?) is gonna have:

- Five or six new basic monsters to boff;
- Around the same number of bosses (and I'm sure more will be added as I complete more storylines);
- More items;
- Mechanics I should've completed a while ago;
- Nudity. Surprise.

The geography is going to be somewhat similar to the first dungeon, at least outdoors, though the indoors is more regal lookin' than that crappy ol' church. It even has fancy torches with particle effects. I'm so proud of those torches.

... now, if only I could make mountains look less square... really need to work on that...

Monday, 28 August 2017

Simply Mindy 1.8.0 / 2.0.0 Preview / Hiatus

Howdy, y'all. Sorry for the late arrival. I wound up going waaaaay overboard on 2.0.0. We'll talk about that in a bit. First, the freebie.


This week's build brings in the second-to-last job in the game: a Cabaret / Burlesque establishment, meshed into a single monstrosity I call the 'Cabaresque'. I've typed that word so many times now that I think it's real. At any rate, you'll get the following in this build vis a vie the Cabaresque:

- A new NPC, and the first of her sexy sexy animations if you decide to woo her (which you should - this build has a 'No' option, and it leads to a stone wall);
- Six out of eight seasonal animations for the Cabaresque itself - turns out drawing sprites that sway seductively in circles is really damned hard, so I didn't get all of 'em done;
- The first bit of Cabaresque storyline; and
- Off to the side, the rest of Ink's sex animations. Remember Ink? The teacher in green? Really likes anal? He continues to like anal.

Also included are several fixes - the Seduction animations should all be fixed now, I added a clock to the dungeons so you get a better sense of how much time you have left, the spa background appearing in the gallery is fixed, and a bunch of other little things got fixes. I also cut down on the file size fairly substantially, so loading shouldn't take too long - thoooough with the latest builds it's creeping way back up there again. Mo animations, mo problems.

2.0.0 Preview

Hawt, right? Hawt.

Though I'm actually still working on the goddamned thing, 2.0.0 is on the verge of completion. Just testing the scenarios at this point. Should be done by the time most of you show up. I've barely slept in the last three days, and have lived off pop, toast, old noodles, and Cheetos. I think I can see through time.

2.0.0 is pretty fucking massive from a storyline standpoint, as it features not one but two completed storylines, both branching as usual. Newcomer Seu from the Cabaresque is now done, and good ol' Farmer John is also finished. You'll get the following if you chip into my Patreon:

- Nine new goddamned endings;
- Five new battles, two of which are incorporated into the DirtFeast brothel;
- Enough fresh witty / retarded writing to fit into a novel; and
- The tattered shreds of my sleep schedule. It is dust, my friends, dust.

Yep. Looks like a small list, but there's a looooot of extra game play in this one. If you enjoy my stupid stories, you should like this build. $2!


Yes, that dreaded word. WooooOooooOoo! Scary.

Don't worry. My hiatus is actually more of a vacation. September is only going to have one build, around this same time next month. Two reasons why:

- I need a fuckin' vacation. I'm beat. Especially after 2.0.0. I want to unhook for a while and not be a dirty, dirty dev. Four or five days completely disconnected from Simply Mindy should do.

- 2.1.0 is going to be the third dungeon. Considering all the shit I added to the combat system with the second dungeon, and all the other stuff besides, I imagine I'm going to need at least an extra week to get it up to spec. My level of spec, anyway, which is... something. So I'll skip the next build and just shove, like, three and a bit weeks' of work into 2.1.0. Should be lotsa fun.

Ayup. Hope y'all enjoy 1.8.0 in the meantime, and perhaps even 2.0.0, if you are kind enough to hurl some internet monies at me. Enjoy!