Saturday, 15 July 2017

Simply Mindy 1.5.0 / 1.7.0 Preview

Sorry for the lateness, guys. Keeps happening, I know... how dare I take an extra day... blame a big power outage. It fucked me over. I can't draw pixel tits in a coffee shop.


I was sick during the second week of this build - very sick - so I focused more on programming stuff. Hence you wind up with a build that is about evenly split between drawn stuff and vocalized moaning:

- The first big addition is that of little background dudes on the main menu. Each season now has five or six randomized background characters who will pop up and make things a little more interesting when you're between jobs. Gives the world a bit more flair. Mindy also changes positions when she's pondering atop her building, depending on the season, and she has more sexy partners which also change by the season. I'm slowly gonna add background guys to each of the jobs, as well.

- The second big addition is that of sounds. Mindy now moans a lot when she's having sex. Only Mindy moans, so don't expect to hear Shay or Cherry or whatnot vocalizing. Don't want everyone to have the same voice actress. There are sound controls under the Stats menu on the main screen; as of 1.7.0 they've been moved to a different screen.

This feature is in a semi-functional / 'meh' phase. It works well for some poses, not so much for others. I'm hoping to focus a lot of time on it for 1.8.0, 'cause some of Mindy's vocalizations just don't work all that well.  Probably need to shorten some of the sound clips.


Chico! This week's Patreon-only version jumps all over the dapper king of cosplay in Hell. Comes with the usual assortment of storyline stuff:

- A branching plot that goes in a few potential different directions;
- Four new endings / ending animations;
- Four sexy animations between Mindy and Chico (like the above);
- Four new animations for the Cosplaying job; and
- Little tweaks to other stuff.

It's a fun story with some implications for the future. Because, yes, even though there are lots of side stories and endings and shit, Simply Mindy does have an overarching plot. Gonna take a while before it really starts to rear its head, though.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.4.0 / 1.6.0 Preview

Ahoy. I come bearing a new build, and this one is a pretty fun one, if I say so meself. (Well, okay, two builds, but ya gots ta pay for t'other.)


This week's public build focuses more or less exclusively on Skully, guard of the Walls. You'll get the following this time 'round:

- A branching storyline, more or less from start to finish;
- Four sexy animations between Skully and Mindy, assuming you decide to woo her;
- Four new endings, three related to Skully and one to just the Guard job in general; and
- Two new battles.


- Two new Ghostings animations for the Guard job;
- Fixed a few dungeon-related bugs;
- Fixed the placement of a few janky enemies during combat, though I know for a fact that I haven't got them all (some got address in 1.6.0 but I ran out of time); and
- Fixed up some quest log glitches.

It's a good'un, I daresay.


This is Shirley. Have you met Shirley before? Of course you have, you've watched the intro. Shirley's the landlady, and Mindy's relationship with her is the focus of this build. Don't worry if you're not a GILF-lover, either, as she gets much sexier if you play your cards right. Like, young and nubile sexy.

... though still a ghost.

This week's Patreon-exclusive build features the following:

- Three new sex animations with Shirley;
- A ton more storyline stuff;
- Four new endings;
- A new battle;
- Two new Maid animations; and
- Bug fixes. There are always bug fixes.

Yep. Patreon. $2. The price of a coffee for pixel bewbs a month early.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Re: A Quest

Regarding the Camwhore quest with the four pieces of stone. I've seen a few comments and gotten an email saying that you've gotten all four pieces but nothing has happened. I've tested the game and it all works fine for me, so I can only assume two things are happening:

- You're playing on an older save game. In order to refresh the variables you sometimes need to start anew. Get an ending and try again on another go-through.

- You spotted the quest on one playthrough, didn't manage to get all of the pieces on that playthrough, started over, and then didn't proceed through the quest up until the point that the computer has made its request. You need to do this or the completion of the quest won't trigger.

The only other potential possibility is that you're skipping through the end of the quest's two fights so quickly that the variables aren't being triggered properly, but I doubt that's the issue. Still, giving the game an extra second or two just to be sure can't hurt. Same goes for the two conversations that are part of the quest, assuming you zip right to the Skip button.

I don't remember any problems with the Patreon crew when this build first came out last month, and there have been few complaints about this issue beyond what I noted above, so I'm assuming the people having trouble are falling into one of those two categories. Sorry if you keep having problems, but I've tested and dived into the code and everything checks out.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.3.0 / 1.5.0 Preview


This build is low on new stuff - no new storylines - but high on spank material. There are two reasons for this:

- There are a bunch of new animations for the teachers. Aember has also been added into the mix. Cherry, JizzWhiz, and Gloo are all done, and Punch Drunk got two more animations. Lots spooge material in there.

- The brothel has been expanded. It now has a second floor, and when you go there during Darkly you can find a gallery for all the monsters you can fight in the dungeon. Normal monsters are added when you kill five of one type; bosses are added when you take them down once. So long as you don't erase your save these gallery additions will carry over to new games.

Simply but effective. Have fun with all the monster luv.

As for bugs... the seduction system is still riddled with 'em. Next time I take a deep dive into the RPG stuff I'll address these. The monster placements should be nice and clean for the gallery, though.

1.5.0 Preview

I'll be honest, I'm too fuckin' tired to lay out a song-and-dance to snag your money this week. Here are the salient points:

- Six new 'can't pay your rent' animations. Yes, including sultry hobos.
- Tons of background stuff flying all over the main menu, some sexy, some silly, some both.
- Sound. Sound. Mindy moans and everything.

Yep. That sums up 1.5.0. $2 and it's yours right now, folks. You know you wanna pay for the pizza I'm totally going to order right now.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.2.0 / 1.4.0 Preview

Tired. So tired. Let's get to it.


This build consists of a fairly major overhaul of the combat system, and brings with it a new set of moves under the Seduction family. These allow Mindy to seduce monsters in combat and lower their stats, steal shit, and other stuff. You can learn Seduction moves from Aember, a new schooling NPC who has been added to the dungeons. (And she makes her teaching appearance in 1.3.0.)

Seduction moves added a toooon of new animations for the monsters, so you'll have plenty of new spank material. That said, some of the positioning in this build is still a bit off (hell, it's still off in fuckin' 1.4.0), so you may see the occasional enemy not appearing as they should. I'm planning a major polishing of all this for either next week's Patreon build or the next.

In addition to Seduction:

- There's now also a meter that fills up on the side, either from failed Seduction moves or enemy attacks. If it hits four fails you get an alternate sex animation. Note that not every enemy gets this.

- A few new spells. Only one left to go. Per usual, they are largely sexy in nature.

- The enemies are a bit more robust, and universally have more moves.

- There are four new quests, two per dungeon. Two of these quests allow you to unlock Seduction moves.

- The CamWhore storyline - or its beginnings - are now in place. The lumps of rock you've found in earlier quests now have a purpose. Collect them all!

Yep. Lots of new stuff to see. And if you get annoyed trying to trigger the alt sex animations, don't worry - there's a gallery coming in 1.3.0 that makes it much easier to view them.

Known Bugs

A few notes for 1.2.0, off the top of my head:

- As mentioned, some of the animation alignments are probably a little wonky.

- Submitting to FrogLord or giving in to lust 'round him will freeze the game. Kill him normally to avoid this. (Yes, you can fight FrogLord.) This has been fixed.

- Talking to JizzWhiz in DirtFeast can get you stuck in a wall when you leave the conversation. If this happens, go into the inventory screen (click the bag at the top) and use Escape Dungeon. This has been fixed.

- Backing on one of the buttons in combat disappears for some reason. No biggie.

- The A button doesn't fade properly in most of the dungeon sections. I still can't figure out why it works okay for the first dungeon and not the rest. Largely harmless.

- There are some invisible quest NPCs in BloodOrb Forest that you can detect if you get close enough. They appear as part of a quest. Interacting with them doesn't really do anything - just bear in mind that's probably what you're hitting if the A button thing appears and you don't know why.


Remember her? That one cut scene and that one sex scene? Yep. Skully now has her full storyline, including:

- Four lover animations;
- A bunch of cut scenes;
- Two new boss battles; and
- Four new endings, all pertaining to the Guard job.

It's a fun expansion. Skully is nifty. She and Mindy should hang out more. And for a mere $2...!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Simply Mindy 1.1.0 / 1.3.0 Preview


The long-awaited second dungeon has arrived for public consumption, at long last. The stuff you can expect:

- Five new ordinary monsters, complete with new sexy animations;

- Four new boss monsters, also with sexy animations, including another uber monster tied to an ending (a bad one, but still);

- Four quests, two of which are seasonal;

- A little side brothel full of little NPCs doin' the nasty (and some day you'll get to interact with more of 'em, I promise);

- Treasure chests full of items which you can equip, which also heralds the coming of weapons, armour, and accessories;

- A new combat backdrop; and

- A tweaked combat rate. In this build it's a touch too high; I'm gonna mess with this going forward to find a good balance, as it was too light before.

1.3.0 Preview

Patreon? Patreon. Donors are getting a smaller build than this one, but with two juicy changes:

- The brothel now functions as a gallery for monster encounters. The second floor has most of the monsters in mini-sprite form, and you can wander around and boff them as you see fit. No time limit!

- The teachers now have a bunch of new animations: two new ones for JizzWhiz, two for Punch Drunk, three for Cherry, three for Gloo, and one for Aember, a brand-spankin' new teacher who showed up in 1.2.0.

$2! So cheap!

Known Bugs

Some things I'll point out now for 1.1.0:

- The pink backdrop for the dungeon's indoors bit appears everywhere in Darkly, not just in the brothel. It should only appear in the brothel.

- There are water droplets aplenty in Ghostings. The game doesn't like the extra layers, so you'll see the occasionally box appear as you pass these droplets. I need to shift the water to different layers to get rid of this but it'll take a lot of dungeon restructuring, so, fuck it. Next time.

- There is no fade out / fade in when travelling between doors on the same map. Fixed in 1.2.0.

- The minor enemies sometimes have weirdly-timed attacks, and it will look like they should be spitting / launching something that doesn't appear. Kinda fixed in 1.2.0 but not really.

- Dungeon descriptions don't appear properly on the main menu. Shrug. Not a big deal. (Though after a month I still haven't figured out why this happens.)

- Equipping the accessories is the tiniest bit janky. If you click the same accessory twice it'll be equipped twice - but you only get the effects once. The accessories you equip are highlighted in colour so it's pretty obvious which ones you have on, so this is generally inconsequential.

- If you keep tapping an equipped sword / piece of armour the icon will eventually turn white. Because why the hell not. Equipping something else changes it back to normal.

- Not an bug, per se, but an important note: the A button that pops up when you approach items of note doesn't appear in the new dungeon, nor does it with the new chests in the first dungeon. Still janky in 1.3.0, and I'm struggling to figure out why it works in one dungeon but not the other.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Been asked this a few times, so...

Yes. The teachers are most definitely getting more animations.