Frequently-Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions I get asked over and over. Here, now, are some answers, so maybe I can stop tying the same sentence.

How do I do _________?

I'm not telling you! I built challenges into the game so you could figure them out for yourself. I'm sure somebody in the comments or on some dirty, dirty forum has the answer written out already, though, if you can't figure something out for yourself.

Finding Amelia in particular seems to be a sticking point for new players. I weep for you, my fellows, I weep.

Is there a walkthrough for Soo Cubus?

I dunno. Is there?

Seriously, though, I'd be tickled pink if someone wrote a walkthrough for Soo Cubus. I personally will never write one, because see above, but I'm all too happy to see someone else write one out.

Strength sucks. Are you going to do anything else with Strength?

The Str (Strength) stat has a somewhat woeful history. It started out kinda equal to the rest, lost ground to Chr, lost ground to Int, and has languished in a distant third place for a while now. I have now instituted two little changes to Str, as of the 3.0 build:

- With a high enough Str you get up to two additional Stamina per day.
- Str hits for 1.5x damage in fights, as opposed to Int's 1x damage.

There might be other little challenges I can throw in to boost the stat a bit, but for now Str is as Str will mostly always be.

Why did you take sandbox / unlimited mode out of the game?


Soo Cubus was always meant to last one hundred days at most. I've been designing it from the start to last one hundred days. I only put in 'unlimited mode', or whatever you want to call it, because the game was largely incomplete.

The game is no longer incomplete in the same way. I'd say, in fact, that it's nearing completion as far as gameplay is concerned, and there are only a few things left for me to do. Robust things, I will grant you, but only a few. You were never meant to be able to do everything in a single play-through.

I'm going to put in an unlockable sandbox mode eventually. That is a thing. For now, though, please stop telling me how bitterly I've crushed your soul because you can't play forever anymore. I know I seem like a terribly mean person, but it defeats the whole point of the game to get rid of the one-hundred day constraint from the get-go.

Will Soo Cubus have a gallery mode?

Yes. Yes it will. Because there are so many animations in the game I've been waiting until I was done most / all of them before unveiling Gallery Mode. It will likely be an unlockable for beating the game in a particular way.

I'd like to help with the game by doing ________. Can I?

Your offer of assistance is greatly appreciated, and I'm glad you like Soo Cubus enough to extend a hand. I will almost certainly say no, however, as I like to work alone, which is one of the reasons I started making this game in the first place. I will nevertheless keep your alleged expertise in mind in case I run into a wall and really need some help.

I have no doubt you're better at what you're offering to do than I am. I'm just a stubborn a-hole who refuses to accept help until I'm dangling off of a metaphorical cliff with a coyote nibbling on my fingers.


  1. What about saving our game? cookies enabled and flash setting set to save info with no privacy tab and still the game will not save progress. Help?

    1. The game saves automatically on each new day. I have no idea why it wouldn't be working for you. Try downloading it rather than playing it in your browser...? Barring that, maybe try playing it in a different browser.

    2. will there be a cheat code to see all sceans for soo cubus and simply mindy??

    3. Not likely, no. I'm not that keen on cheat codes.

  2. So when we download a new game version, does our older version automatically save, or do we have to start over?

    1. Saves should carry over just fine. Depends how you execute the file - the save file goes different places if you're playing through your browser, say, vs. off of your desktop. I will warn, though, that given changes between builds, things might get a bit funky. In this case there shouldn't be a whole lot of trouble since 0.5.5 featured almost exclusively dungeon-related additions, with little to no change to the normal work stuff.

    2. Yeah i don't know how to do that, google doesn't save me on this one

  3. I love your stuff! I've been trying to raise my intellect and spirit the last few game days in Simply Mindy, only to have my intellect or spirit go from almost maxed out down to zero after I hit sleep. I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

  4. I noticed some things about some of the stats and I thought I should point them out. The first thing I noticed is that the prowess stat doesn't stop at 100. right now my prowess is at 219. and the second thing I noticed is that when intellect and spirit reach 100,they reset to 0. is this meant to happen?