Simply Mindy - Latest Build (0.2.0)

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Mindy. Mindy isn't doing too well. In fact, Mindy is fucking dead.

(Did you play Soo Cubus? You might want to try Soo Cubus before playing this. Or not! Your call.)

Dropped into Hell with little more than her clothes, her physical assets, and her unique charms, Mindy needs to adapt to her new circumstances - and that, ladies and gents, means finding herself a job. Because why wouldn't Hell be just like the 9-to-5 world of today?

Simply Mindy is a game in progress, and is going to take a while to complete. Once it's done you can expect the following:

- The same grindy stat-boosting shit you grew to hate in Soo Cubus!
- Twelve unique jobs for Mindy to perform!
- A season system that will change stat boosts and animations!
- RPG-style combat, deeper than that found in Soo Cubus, and (probably) three dungeons to explore!
- Branching storylines filled with love, hate, drama, bad jokes that break the Fourth Wall on a regular basis, and casual swearing!
- Multiple endings! Like, a lot of them!

Want more, like, right now? Check out the Patreon account at the top of the page! Patrons will always be two builds ahead of the public! I'm also more likely to respond to comments on Patreon, because people who pay me own my soul! It's win-win!


  1. Are you going to do the same as just with mindy? Translator Google, I'm sorry.

    1. No worries. If you mean 'Is it going to be the same as Soo Cubus, just with Mindy', then yes and no. The game will be similar, but I'm looking to do a lot more with the familiar mechanics. More storylines, more branching choices, more animations overall, more RPG combat elements, more... more. Just more. Hope that was helpful.

    2. It was very useful, thank you very much

  2. Thanks for your two great games, keep it up and good luck on your projects

  3. Played a lot in succubus it's awesome game! And now play in Simply Mindy it great too on this stage, of course small amount of animations but for this version you made a lot of work! Thanks for work and keep it up please)