Hey! People apparently like Soo Cubus enough that they're drawing it now! Ridiculous. If you want to submit some Soo Cubus fanart of your own, shoot me an email at with the picture, your name, and a link to more of your work (if you have any) so I can credit you all proper like.

Man. These are all gonna look better than the game, aren't they? I bet they fuckin' will. Showoffs.

The pic that started it all. Also, the first sex animation in the game!
Lovingly crafted by Coinicopia (Legend of Krystal forums) /
Prolonged Procrastination (ULMF forums).
Do you ride the horsie, or does the horsie ride you?
Deftly drawn by Coinicopia (Legend of Krystal forums) / 
Prolonged Procrastination (ULMF forums).

Yes, Soo. The thighs do it all.
Deftly drawn by Guy Gin.

Maid in Heaven. (Bad puns!)
Deftly drawn by Crayon Doragon.
Man, people really like that maid outfit.
Deftly drawn by скинхэд.