Friday, 30 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.2 / 3.3 Preview

Build 3.2's new mechanic revolves around dating. It's a bit rough, as the coding / drawing took me fucking forever, and some things in this build haven't been finished / fully implemented. Here's what you can currently expect:

- Each date requires a full day, similar to exploring the sewer. There is no warning message yet; I'll put that in for next week. (The Stamina also doesn't get subtracted yet, because derp, so have fun with them.)

- You can date multiple times, though you can only have one SUCCESSFUL date. Once you lock down a successful date the icon for dating disappears. At the moment there's no 'locking down' a date, so go to town and do it as many times as you like without it disappearing.

- There is a shit-ton of dialogue jammed into this thing, and you'll get different responses from each character depending on your choices, as well as their likes and dislikes. There's as much dialogue in dating as there is in probably the rest of the game.

- Ultimately dating will unlock new animations for the NPC sleepovers. I have NOT completed these animations yet, as the dating sequence itself took for-fucking-ever. They're in the Patreon build, and will appear publicly next week.

- Nothing in dating is tied to your stats. It comes down to knowing the characters and making intuitive decisions based on what you think they would and would not like. (Though if you ALWAYS choose what they would like you'll miss out on a lot of dialogue. Just sayin'.)

- There are bonus animations tied into dating that involve one of the side NPCs. At the moment these only trigger after a successful date; eventually they will only trigger after a successful date and IF you HAVEN'T done something else in the game. Probably make more sense when you see the scenes. These bonus scenes only include the girls right now - eventually the guys will get in on it too.

- All that aside, I also re-did one of the normal animations (let's see if you can discover which one!), and the stadium and pub backdrops have been improved.

Yep. Dating. It still needs a bit more sparkle, and there's a lot of stuff still missing (obviously), but I find it to be rather fun, and getting to write all that dialogue was quite enjoyable.If exhausting. Let me know if there are any editing flubs. The dating mechanic is still a bit twitchy in general, but it should work enough to give you the gist of the final product. Enjoy! 

... oh, and the stuff mentioned above that ISN'T finished in 3.2? Yeah, it's in 3.3. So. If you want the full dating deal, head over to Patreon.

Monday, 26 September 2016

For all the good it will do...

Honestly. Stop commenting on the fact / complaining that I've put the 100 day restriction back in place. There's going to be a sandbox mode. I've pretty much always intended for there to be a sandbox mode, and it's going to be in the game as an unlockable.

The 100 day limit is there to make the game a challenge. I'm not making a pure sex simulator that's no challenge, I'm making a game. You are not meant to do everything in one playthrough, because from day one I've been designing Soo Cubus to have more stuff than you can plough through in 100 days. It's called replay value. You wanna see everything? Play through the game a second or third time. It doesn't take that long.

I have to assume the people complaining haven't bothered reading the story while playing. The 100 day limit is established right at the beginning. I'm not changing that aspect of the plot. I know you need to please your fans, but as a burgeoning game dev - and a creative type in general - I've also learned that you need to stick to your guns and not make some compromises. I'm not compromising on this.

I try to reply to as many comments as I can, but I'm tired of responding to the whole unlimited thing. I'm not going to anymore. Sandbox mode will be in the game, you'll have to unlock it, and that's that. Give it up. For my sanity.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.1 / 3.2 Preview

Short and to the point this week, because, folks, I'm fucking tired:

- Added background characters. Lots and lots of background characters. They're all over the place.

- Added music. Probably temporary. It'll do for now. Yay.

- Added sound. Lotsa moans and grunts and so forth. So sexy. Not everything under this category is done yet, mind.

Yep. Fun times. Aaaaaas for 3.2... on Patreon now (or, uh, shortly, as of this writing)... we have...

Date night...!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.9.5 / 3.0 Preview / Next week I'm off

New build? New build. Let's do it.

Yes, Mindy is now a more 'robust' NPC than she used to be. She's not full-on relationship-y like the other NPCs, but there are still plenty of sexy animations to see. I got enough requests for her - and messages just kinda assuming she could be sexed - that I felt obliged.

Where is she? NOT TELLING! No hints, aside from a suggestion that you visit one of the locations a sizeable number of times. Like, oh, fifteen times or so. That should do it.

 (Okay, one other hint: you want to be ready for a fight. You get one chance to 'unlock' her. Just putting it out there.)

 Aside from Mindy getting the bork treatment I made a few other changes:

 - Added ending signs. The endings have names again. Yay! - Finally got around to pixelizing the 'Time's Up' ending, as well as Gus, the crazy hobo who appears during said ending.

- Added two more endings. Both of them are related to Mindy.

- Fixed a few minor things. There are always a few minor things.

- The infinite mode thing is gone. You hit 100 days, you're done. There are enough endings at this point - including the four key ending - that I feel comfortable wiping out unlimited time to play the game. Let complaining commence in 3... 2... 1...

- As for the .5 part of the title, I fixed a few things pertaining to the new content.

What do Patreon users get, you ask? I refer you to the screenshot below.

Notice a difference in this classic scene? You should: some lady is flashing some dude in the background. That is just one of many little background characters I have spread 'round the game. Each scene has its own allotment of background peeps, ranging from a single animation to several, and they will change whenever you leave and re-enter a scene. Hardy seemed lonely, so I gave it some friends.

... some friends with cumshots.

Also? Also also? Also also also? The female lovers might just pop up in the backgrounds as well. Might.

FINALLY, I just have to announce that I will likely not be putting out a public release next week. I'm moving from a Sunday / Monday release to a Friday / Saturday release, allowing me to, like, have a life again. The next release is going to be smaller than normal, since previously I jammed a lot of my work into the weekend, so I will probably bundle whatever I get done into the next public release two weeks from now. (Patreon users will get their once-a-week release per normal.)

And in case anyone asks why I'm doing this, it's partly because it takes quite a while to do a public release of a build, and I don't really have time next weekend. SO, y'know, see you in two weeks, folks.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.8 / 2.9 Preview

Howdy folks. It's a gooey week this week. The changes:

- CUMSHOTS! Tons and tons of cumshots. I didn't get them all done, but at this point I think most of the animations (maybe 75 - 80%) where a cumshot is warranted now, indeed, possesses a cumshot. A little red button appears when you can cum the shot. Yay!

Do note that, no, I didn't get all of them done. Will be done in two weeks. There are also a few, mainly those with two female characters, where I'm less certain how I should proceed. Mass squirting? I guess that could work. I'll continue to ponder. Nevertheless, there are some animations where you're just not gonna see a cumshot.

- Bug fixes. I went through a bunch of the comments I got here and on forums and fixed some things that needed fixing. A lot of it is minor stuff that most players may not even notice, but, there you go. Many thanks to everybody who contributed.

- In particular, I fixed the revive thing. It should work properly now, regardless of which attack you use to beat... erm... someone. Yay! Revive those dead peeps! Yell at me if it continues to fuck up, though I tested it earlier in the week and it worked fine.

- Also realized that Sew's fourth animation, tied to her item, somehow didn't make it into the game last week. No clue how I missed that. This has been rectified.

In addition to the cumshots I made a concerted effort this week to integrate sounds into the game. I made some headway, and there are snipped moans and some other sound effects in the game now, but I disabled them temporarily, until I have a better grasp on how I want 'em to work. More than likely I'll tie the sound effects to particular frames in each animation. Tweaking underway; will probably take a while.

As for the preeeevieeeeew...

Yup. You go Patreon, you go Mindy.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


By god, people are DRAWING Soo Cubus now. That's so cool it seems almost borderline silly. I won't do this for all fanart that comes my way, likely, but I was so tickled pink by this submission that I wanted to share the picture on the main page:

I mean, damn, that's good, isn't it? I sure as hell think so. Just look at that dude's dangly balls. He's so fucking old. Many thanks to Coinicopia from the Legend of Krystal forums for creating this gem.

(Dude works like a beast, apparently, and he did another one. I'll throw it up here, too, for shits 'n giggles. The people who kept asking for a horse in the game should be happy with this pic.)

This is also a notice that I have created a Fanart section! I wanna redesign the site a bit when I have spare time, so I'll make a more noticeable icon in the future, but for now there's a little link on the sidebar for fanart submissions. Feel free to submit your own to the email I tossed up there and I'll happily throw it into the gallery.

Dang. Fanart. For something as ridiculous as Soo Cubus. This is the weirdest honour I've received in a long time.